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If you have questions about purchasing labels, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a service-oriented company who would love to work with you!

Please direct any questions about food products the supplier of the food. Trade Labels does not answer queries related to product ingredients, certifications, etc.


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Please note:

Trade Labels does not provide free product information. Product information is only available when you purchase bulk bin labels. Consumers and retailers with product questions should contact the food manufacturer.

Trade Labels is not a laboratory and cannot guarantee the accuracy of information submitted to us by vendors. We also cannot determine the rate at which product changes flow through the distribution channel or changes/errors in products being shipped. Trade Labels, Inc. bears no responsibility for the product in your bin matching the labels we provide. It is the retailer’s responsibility to compare the product to the label prior to merchandising to assure that they match. If you have questions, please call (888) 285-5522 or email