Can I pay with a credit card?
We accept credit card payments for first-time orders via PayPal. Initial orders must be prepaid. Terms are subsequently granted to customers in good standing.

Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes, we do! If you’re ordering over 2,500 labels we’ll be happy to provide you with a quotation. Multiple sets of the same item selection saves us time and we’ll pass the savings along to you.

Label Design Questions

What size are your labels? 

Our standard size is 4”h x 3 ¾”w, however, we can create customized labels.

What is the “Eff. Date” at the bottom of the label?

This is the date the label was printed. If you have old labels, there’s a good chance that information has been updated and you should order new labels. Changes can originate from the supplier, the FDA or the USDA.

Can I design my own labels?

Yes! Please download the graphics requirements here.

Do you have PLU/Bin numbers I can use?

No. Although produce has a standardized national PLU List, bulk foods do not. Trade Labels does not assign PLU/Bin numbers; when you order, you must provide us with the numbers you’d like to us to print on the labels.

Ingredient, Nutrition Fact & Regulation Questions

Can I have product information read, emailed or faxed to me for free?

No, you need to contact the supplier if you want free information. Maintaining product information (which is constantly updated due to vendor changes and FDA and other guidelines) and product certifications (for Organic, NonGMO, etc.) is on-going and very labor-intensive. Our only source of income is the sale of this information via labels.

Does Trade Labels do nutritional analyses?

No, we are not a laboratory.

Do all of my labels need to list the Country of Origin?

Currently, COOL is required on raw macadamias, raw peanuts, raw pecans, and dates. If the item is processed, the country of origin is not required. Some vendors send us COO information and request that we include it.

I am a supplier, what information do you need?

Products sold from bulk bins to consumers in a retail setting must contain the same information as on a Consumer Packaged Good (minus the servings per container). Please contact us for a form outlining the requirements.

Can you guarantee that the label matches the product we’re receiving?

Trade Labels’ mission is to have accurate information on every label we produce. We cannot, however, determine how long it will take for reformulated products to cycle through distribution channels, nor can we guarantee that all suppliers provide correct and current information. It is important that you compare the label you display with the product you are selling. Trade Labels, Inc. bears no responsibility for assuring that the label matches the product in your bins nor can we guarantee that accuracy of the information that vendors send to us. If you see a discrepancy or have a concern, please call us at (888) 285-5522 and we will explore the issue.