Photos and Testimonials

“Trade Labels is such an important aspect in my bulk section. Customers easily can identify between Organic and Conventional. Each label is clean free of unnecessary information, easy to read and answers most of the customer's questions.

“I love working with Trade Labels. They are always willing to help and answer any questions I may have. They also produce a quality product!!”
Amanda Silva
Market of Choice
“Trade Labels’ ingredient labels give our guests all the important information they need and also tell our guests what brand a product is. We offer a lot of big names in bulk such as Bob’s Red Mill and Lundberg so it’s wonderful that we can call out these brands for our guests. We also use the labels to help identify categories within the set.

My experience with Trade Labels has always been great. They are easy to work with and super helpful.”
Katie Cole
Nugget Markets
  “Trade Labels help make our bulk bins look cohesive and tidy and they help our customers identify the product, especially the ones that have more than one ingredient. The organic and Non-GMO logos, I think attract customers.”
Debra Lassen
Lassens Natural Foods and Vitamins
“Trade Labels are extremely important to a successful bulk department, providing the product information for the retailer buying the product, enhancing the appearance of the bulk department by giving it its own identity.

The staff is extremely professional and the process has made it very easy and fast for both retailer and distributors that work with their customers.”
Ben Ebbesen
Market Centre
“They give our customers a nice clean label, easy to read and with all of the nutritional information they need. The staff was super helpful.”
Michael Vetere
2J's Fresh Market
“We see increased sales when product attributes logos are on the bulk label.”
Lori Buzby
SunRidge Farms
“I am impressed with how accessible the designers are at Trade Labels. We have submitted our own bin labels to them and they have done an excellent job at making sure all information is correct- especially talking points that are unique to our granolas.”
Virginia Vogel
Back Roads Granola
“You folks rock, of course!”
Ellen Anthony
Fiddleheads Co-op

“Trade Labels has allowed us to have confidence in our legal compliance with FDA regulations, as well as keeping us up-to-date on NonGMO Project Verified labeling. They have worked hard to contact vendors and manufacturers to ensure that we're giving customers the correct information; their persistence and diligence in collecting this information is so appreciated.”

Amanda Holtby
New Seasons Markets

“Trade Labels is always requesting the latest product information.”

Jose Servin
Marich Candy